About BSN

BSN is a top tier full cycle custom software development provider in EMEA.

We design, develop, support, maintain and continuously improve tailored business critical applications for clients across FinTech, Retail, Manufacturing and Engineering.

Our clients choose us and stay with us for decades because we seamlessly integrate into the clients’ business development unit to pro-actively support new ideas with tailored IT systems eliminating the need in extensive paperwork. We act as a trusted business partner that enables positive change and ensures continuous innovation.

Our employees choose and stay with us because:

  1. We do care about each other.
  2. We believe that healthy work/life balance is more than a trendy word combination – it is a lifestyle we practice.
  3. We think that personal and professional development of one makes the whole team better.
  4. We value the freedom of choice. You can work any time and any location you prefer, as far as deadlines are met and clients are happy.
  5. We enjoy the results. It is very satisfying to see client’s business growth and know you contributed.

In other words, we offer:

  1. Competitive Salary in Euro
  2. Multiple opportunities for horizontal and vertical career development
  3. Interesting projects with great variety of tech stack.
  4. Big names and Industry leaders in the client list.
  5. Flexible work schedule
  6. Opportunity to work from any place in the world
  7. Paid sick leave
  8. Self-development budget
  9. Possibility to re-locate in Ljubljana